Bryan Community Focus Program
Ensuring all students will achieve the necessary learning to be successful up to and beyond graduation

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the typical Bryan student?

There is not a ‘typical’ Bryan student. Our students represent the city of Lincoln, come from ALL the other Lincoln high schools, and make the CHOICE to attend.

Our process for admission allows each high school an allotted number of spots each semester, and students apply for admission along with getting referred by their home high school. This process keeps our population diverse and representative of the Lincoln community.

The reasons students come to Bryan are as unique as the students themselves. No student is sent to Bryan as punishment or forced to attend. We believe each student at Bryan has unique qualities. These special qualities allow them to find their way to Bryan for the opportunity to excel in school.

It does not matter why a student comes to Bryan; it only matters that the student is at Bryan and ready to make the positive changes in their life.

What is different about Bryan?

  • Alternative high school program with approximately 160 students
  • Focus on positive, supportive relationships and community
  • Low student-teacher ratio and much smaller class sizes (compared to traditional high schools)
  • Zero tolerance for fighting, verbal threats, or name calling
  • Student Child Learning Center (SCLC) – On-site care for infants and toddlers of our student parents during school hours, and parenting class.
  • Learning Lab (home room/advisement) program for all students
  • Full time Social Worker and School Psychologist/Counselor

What is the same about Bryan?

  • Students attend 7-8 classes per day, moving to a different classroom each period.
  • Students receive direct instruction from teachers.
  • Student can earn all 245 credits toward graduation. We do not offer as many elective choices as other schools, but students can take all required courses, plus electives in art, family and consumer sciences, literature, theatre, and PE.

What are the requirements for admission to Bryan?

  1. Student completion of Application Process
  2. Admin/Counselor Referral
  3. Complete a building-level interview (Bryan Staff will contact you to set this up after the application process is completed IF THERE IS AN OPENING)
  4. Must agree to our Guiding Principles
  5. Must agree to follow the rules at Bryan

Do you have a cafeteria?

  • Yes, we have a breakfast program and lunch program.