Welcome to the Bryan Community


Principal Denise Craig

Bryan Community Focus Program is an alternative high school program that combines high behavioral and academic expectations with innovative teaching designed to help students meet the requirements for a Lincoln Public Schools high school diploma. The smaller learning environment at Bryan allows for more individualized instruction. We have around 160 students and 15 teachers. Class sizes are usually no larger than 18 students, and some classes are much smaller. Our staff strive to build strong connections to each student to support their growth. Our mascot is the Phoenix, symbolizing new opportunities, and rising up above challenges.

At Bryan, we focus on the whole student in addition to academics. We have five focus statements to help us work toward success in all facets of life. We expect students to do their best to grow in these areas:


  1. At Bryan, we are reflective thinkers.
  2. At Bryan, we work towards a culture of wellness.
  3. At Bryan, we seek our purpose.
  4. At Bryan, we build a peaceful community.
  5. At Bryan, we learn through active engagement.

In 2021, our staff are working on new ways to engage students in learning and career planning. We will help students understand how their own experience and expertise can contribute to a classroom, job, or community. We will also push students to learn new skills and information and build new connections to careers and community through project-based learning.

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Students can apply to be a student at Bryan through our website, and often times students are encouraged to apply by an administrator or counselor at their home high school. Students and parents or guardians must participate in an interview process and agree to Bryan expectations if selected to attend Bryan Community. While at Bryan, students may continue to participate in athletics or other student activities at their home high school.

For more information please contact Bryan Community directly at (402) 436-1308.