Bryan Community Focus Program
Ensuring all students will achieve the necessary learning to be successful up to and beyond graduation

Student Testimonials

“There are more teachers to help me with hard work, and it is a better learning environment for me.”

Nolan B.

“Bryan is helping me to graduate. They have kept me busy with work and helped me understand things better and  have also shown me how to be more social.”

LeTia R.

“Bryan has helped me be more successful in school because it is a smaller community. Having a closer relationship with the staff has also helped me.”

Nicole S.

“Bryan was for me, a new beginning and a fresh start, a place to get away from all the things that were going to prevent me from graduating.  People need to take in all the great opportunities that come with going here and take advantage of them.  If they do that, there is only room for success.”

Bre B.

“Bryan is about unity, second chances, respect and togetherness.  We are Bryan!”

Mazie M.

“Bryan is the only school where I have felt free to express who I am and who I want to be.”

McKayla H.

“It has helped me because my teachers know my strengths and weaknesses. They do their jobs to help us be successful.”

Paige B.